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About Our School


At Glenmore Road Public School we take pride in delivering an excellent education in a warm and nurturing environment. Our teachers are highly trained, caring individuals who are committed to helping all our students realise their potential across all the key learning areas (KLAs) as well as across our broad range of extracurricular activities. We are an innovative school community that supports the idea of lifelong learning. We continuously evaluate our approaches to learning to ensure that our school is always at the cutting edge.

Strong foundations in literacy and numeracy
Glenmore Road Public School has always had a strong commitment to literacy. Our experienced staff are always up to date on current teaching practices and we also strongly value and promote the role of parents in developing and improving children’s literacy. Literacy and numeracy skills of our students are developed across all KLAs, and progress is carefully monitored through regular assessments.

Technology that prepares every student for the future
Glenmore Road Public School has leading technology programs and facilities. Technology is a vital component of our curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 6. Students have access to laptops and iPads all with internet access. This is complemented with Interactive Whiteboard Technology in each classroom.  Teachers allow children to develop and explore the world of information technology through all key learning areas (KLAs).

Active and healthy students
The Personal Development, Health and Physical Education curriculum provides structured opportunities for students to enjoy regular physical exercise. As well, the school promotes an active lifestyle through our active playground program, unstructured play in our playground and participation in competitive and non-competitive sports. Glenmore Road Public School participates in local and regional inter-school sports competitions and has a learn-to-swim program for younger students.

Effective student care and discipline programs
Our school community strongly supports our care and discipline program. At Glenmore Road Public School we are Responsible, Respectful Learners. Our regulations are agreed to by our student and parent bodies and based on respect for the individual and for others. As a result, our caring and harmonious environment enables students to learn and to develop personally, socially and academically. There is strong support from parents and staff at Glenmore Road Public School for the wearing of a school uniform. We believe it helps to promote school pride and encourages the students to feel part of a cohesive and supportive community.

Responsible citizens and leaders
Students are able to experience democratic processes and to develop effective problem-solving strategies through participation in peer mentoring programs, student leadership programs, student conferencing and the student representative council. Students and teachers work together. The students at Glenmore Road Public School are encouraged to have discussions and to make their own decisions as individuals as well as members of a group.

Proud of our achievements
Glenmore Road Public School has a strong creative and performing arts program. There are opportunities for students to participate in the school band, string ensembles and choir. Students in Years 3-6 have the opportunity to participate in Wakakirri and the Schools Spectacular. 

Excellent facilities

The school is well equipped with modern facilities such as a well-resourced library, extensive technology resources, a large hall suitable for performances (and other school functions) and our parent body is continuing to raise funds to develop our playground into a safe and beautifully landscaped playing area. Our well-resourced library is at the heart of learning at Glenmore Road Public School with internet access and up-to-date software available to students to assist their research.

A dynamic school community

Our parent body meets regularly and there is a high level of involvement and support from our parents and volunteers. We actively encourage parents to support our teaching and learning programs. There are regular opportunities for teachers and parents to meet to discuss student progress and to enhance the home and school relationship to further support the educational goals of their children.

Starting school successfully

Our orientation program provides many opportunities for children starting Kindergarten to settle into a school routine, mix with groups of other children and to engage in both structured and unstructured play activities.


After Hours Activities

Lessons at commercial costs are available e.g. fitness, karate, French, Mandarin, sport and chess. Sports teams train before school or at lunch times. See heading the ‘The Cottage’ for before and after school and vacation care.


Our school contributes to the NSW Ambulance Fund covering the cost of transporting students within NSW where necessary. An ambulance will be called if it is felt that a student’s health is at risk. Parents or contact persons will also be contacted as soon as possible with regard to the child’s health concerns. Ambulance cover is not provided for parents and it is advisable that families consider their own ambulance cover where possible.

Artistic Performances

From time to time the school will elect to attend or host visits from various performers which may include drama, dance, music/song, language, poetry, environmental studies, science, sport etc. Parents will be informed of these events and a fee to cover costs may be requested. This information will be made available to parents.


A morning assembly is held each day commencing at 9:25am. Brief information may be given or sought at this time. School assemblies are held once a week on a Thursday afternoon from 2:50pm to 3:30pm and alternate between a K-2 assembly and Years 3-6. Certificates are awarded at assemblies and class items are performed.  Parents are very welcome to attend.


Regular attendance at school is important to ensure satisfactory progress is being made in all aspects of school development. If your child is absent an explanatory note or email should be sent to school giving the reason for the absence. Parents may wish to phone this information to the school, but a written explanation is preferred. Parents of students who are absent from school for unexplained periods may be referred to the Department of Education and Communities’ Home School Liaison Officer with reasons for absence sought. Students need to be signed in and out of the school by their parents at the office if they are attending for only part of the day or if they are late for school.

An application for extended leave must be completed if you intend on removing your child from school for more than 5 consecutive days. Exceptional circumstances for leave include;

  • domestic circumstances, including but not limited to participation in family holidays during school term subject to being satisfied that this is in the best educational interests of the child
  • exceptional circumstances such as health of the student where sick leave or alternative enrolment is not appropriate.



Students at Glenmore Road Public School are offered the opportunity to join the School Concert Band from Year 3 onwards. Students are matched to a woodwind (flute, clarinet, saxophone), a brass (trumpet, saxophone, trombone, baritone) or percussion (drums, tuned percussion, keyboard) instrument. Each week students participate in a small group tutorial with a professional tutor and attend a combined full band rehearsal. All our instrumentalists learn to read music and play their instrument in a ‘team’ situation. Most aspects of our Band program have been out-sourced to a small company called ‘Directions in Music’. More information about this company can be found at the website A staff member acts as the liaison person between the school and the company. During the final term, Year 2 students are invited to sign-up for the band for the following year and current band members are asked to rejoin. We have two bands, a junior and senior band. As students progress in their playing they can be promoted to the senior band. Students perform at local community events and enter band competitions such as the Yamaha Music Festival. Band camps are organised to further develop the band program. Music concerts are held throughout the year to profile the band and music program at school.

Before and After School

Bell Time

School Commences 9:25 am
Lunch Break 11:30 am to 12:15 am
Afternoon Break 1:35 pm to 2:05 pm
School Concludes 3:30 pm


Book Parade

This is once per year during Children's Book Week. The children dress as their favourite book character. The library often has books on hand that have been shortlisted for the book of the year award. Books may be purchased for the library.



A term calendar is published at the start of each term and is available to sync with your calendar by following links on the school newsletter. 


The School has no canteen but has a lunch order system organised by external providers who deliver to the school. Purchases must be made from the school website in advance via Flexischools. Most orders need to be in by 9pm the day before.

The Cottage

The Glenmore Road Public School Out of School Hours Care Centre-phone 9361 3362. Hours (school days)

7:30 am – 9:00 am
3:30 pm – 6:30 pm

This is a parent run not-for-profit before and after school care centre. The before and after care centre leases a school building known widely as ‘The Cottage’. It was originally the principal’s residence. This is a popular service and very well organised. Vacation care is also provided.


Help is available for problems or concerns that you may have about the development of your child. Our School Counsellor is at school one day each week and tests children referred by teachers for assessment of learning difficulties, behaviour and/or social adjustment problems. Parental permission is required before the School Counsellor can formally assess your child but informal observation in the classroom may be carried out as part of a preliminary assessment of the need for formal assessment. Parents can refer their own children to the counsellor and forms are available through the Principal. The Counsellor usually contacts parents after student assessment.


Key Learning Areas for K- 6 are:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science & Technology
  • Human Society and Its Environment
  • Creative Arts
  • Personal Development, Health & Physical Education

The NSW Board of Studies sets the curriculum. The NSW Department of Education and Training provides support for implementing these documents. Syllabuses are available on-line at



The school has a reputation for excellence in dance. All students have the opportunity to participate in dance lessons by a specialist teacher. Students in Years 3-6 can participate in Wakakirri and/or Schools Spectacular. We have a bi-annual dance concert held at NIDA in which all students K-6 participate.



Children may enrol in Kindergarten at the beginning of the school year if they turn five years of age on or before July 31 in that year. We take all students who live within our drawing area and offer any vacancies, not filled by local children, to other students according to our enrolment policy. Priority is given to students who have a sibling at the school. Documentation providing proof of age, such as a birth certificate, is required on enrolment. Proof of residential address and immunisation details are also required. Students transferring from other schools can enrol at any time, if they live locally.


Ethics is offered at Glenmore Road Public School. For further details see scripture.


Our school participates in excursions to enrich a child’s learning experiences. These excursions may be part of a whole school activity or in smaller group situations. Excursion costs are kept to a reasonable level because they are met through direct charges to the students participating. Classes also attend in-school performances each year.



New families to the School receive forms to be completed and returned. This supplies the School with your child and family details as well as medical information, which the School may need to know in an emergency. If your family name, address, phone or contact number or doctor changes, please inform the School.

Fruit Break

Fruit break takes place every day at approximately 10:30am at the students’ desks and takes approximately 5 minutes. We believe that fruit break gives children an energy boost which will keep them working productively for the duration of the morning session. Parents are asked to provide a small amount of cut up fruit or vegetables that is easy to eat. 



The school's garden is maintained by the school community and includes a gardening club run by teachers and parents fortnightly at lunch times.


Hats - No hat, no play

In accordance with Cancer Council guidelines, children are encouraged to wear school uniform hats when outside during the school year. These are available from the school uniform shop. The School has a ‘NO HAT – NO PLAY’ policy in effect throughout the year to restrict exposure to sunlight. Sunscreen is also recommended.

High School

The Inner Sydney High School is our local public high school and it is a great school. In March, each Year 6 student’s family is asked to complete a form telling us where the student will be going to secondary school. Year 6 students can sit tests for entry to government academically selective high schools in March each year. Our nearest government selective high schools are Sydney Boys High, Sydney Girls High and Rose Bay Secondary College. Students who display talents in the Performing Arts may audition for Newtown High School of the Performing Arts.

Homework/Home Reading Scheme

Class teachers in Years 1- 6 set homework on a regular basis. Homework may vary in nature but it is an expectation that children read at home across all grades. See your child’s teacher if there are any problems with the set homework. See the homework policy for more details.


8:50 am Office staff arrive
9:00 am Teacher on duty
9:25 am Morning bell
11:30 am Lunch Break
12.15 pm Classes resume
1:35 pm Afternoon break
2:05 pm Classes resume
3:30 pm End of the school day
3:50 pm Office closed



There are four houses at Glenmore Road. All new students are placed in a house at the start of the year. Siblings are placed in the same house.

Bradley – Blue

Duxford – Yellow

Elfred - Green

Juniper - Red

House coloured shirts are available for purchase through the uniform shop and are worn to the school swimming, cross country and athletic carnivals.


Infectious Diseases

From time to time infectious diseases become evident in schools. The school will follow procedures as set by the Department of Education and Communities and the NSW Department of Health in dealing with such an outbreak. Information sought upon enrolment as to the immunisation status of children being enrolled is used in circumstances such as this.


Kindergarten Orientation Program

An Orientation Program is conducted for children enrolling the following year. During Term Four of each school year, Glenmore Road Public School offers its Kindergarten Orientation Program to prospective parents and students. This is an ideal opportunity for parents to gain information about the school, including information related to the P&C Association, School Council, canteen, uniforms and enrolment procedures. Children have the opportunity to meet the school’s Kindergarten teachers and familiarise themselves with the expectations of school. A buddy program will operate with Kindergarten students being supported by a Year 5/6 buddy when they begin school. Parents are also encouraged to participate in the parent ‘buddy’ program, designed to help parents transition to school.

K-2 Gross Motor Program

To support the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education curriculum, all Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 students participate in a gross motor fitness program throughout the year. The Fundamental Skills program is ideal preparation for students as they approach playing more formal organised games beyond Year 2. Skills taught include catching, throwing, sprinting, side galloping, vertical jump, and hopping and static balance.


Learning Support Team

The school’s learning support team meets regularly to review the progress of students who have funding support for identified learning or social difficulties, children experiencing difficulties with learning, students who may be experiencing emotional or social difficulties and students who are identified as gifted and talented. The Learning Support Team is made up of a teacher, the Principal, the School Counsellor, the Executive Team and some members of staff. 

Lunch and Afternoon Recess

Students bring to school all the food they need for the day. Afternoon recess should be packed separately from lunch and all containers labelled. Your child should be given a realistic amount of food and ‘treat’ foods limited as much as possible. Food should be packed in containers that can be independently opened by the student. Lunch is from 11.30am - 12.15pm. Afternoon recess is from 1.35pm - 2.05pm.  In accordance with the policy of the Department, peanuts, tree nuts and nut products are excluded from school activities. This does not include foods labelled "may contain traces of nuts". Due to food allergies and anaphylaxis our school has a no sharing food policy.


Classes are held each Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. 

Library Facilities:

  • Purpose-built library building opened in 2003 and upgraded in 2017
  • Fully computerised circulation system
  • Comprehensive reference collection
  • Extensive non-fiction collection to support the curriculum in all Key Learning Areas
  • Fiction to meet every interest and reading level
  • Teachers’ reference section

The Library is open first break on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays – Story reading, board games, drawing materials, homework. Classes have set borrowing times but students may borrow at other times on request.



If your child has to have medication during the school day please give us a written statement on times and please provide exact dosages. There is a form in the office that needs to be completed.

Mobile Phone Devices

If your child has to bring a mobile phone to school please be aware:

  • Students must keep them out of sight in their school bags – do not give them to a teacher to mind
  • The school takes no responsibility for stolen, lost or damaged phones
  • Phones must to turned-off between 9:25 am and 3:30 pm.

*See Mobile Devices in School Procedures & Guidelines for further information



Please subscribe to our weekly newsletter via our website. 

NSW Department of Education 

The NSW Department of Education (DoE) is responsible for the running of primary schools, secondary schools and TAFE colleges in New South Wales. The DoE has an excellent website with lots of information for parents. The address is


Parent Helpers

Parents as partners in education are appreciated. Your skills and expertise are valued. Help can be given in many areas: reading, craft and maths. If you would like to help, just let the school or class teacher know. All volunteers are required to complete the department's Working with Children documents which can be obtained from the school office prior to starting and must sign in and out each visit.

Parent - Teacher Interviews

All families within our school are encouraged to contact the school at any time during the school year to arrange an appointment to discuss their child's progress. Teachers welcome discussion with parents in the interest of the children. The best time for an interview is generally after school, however where this is not convenient, an attempt will be made to arrange a mutually acceptable time. As an important part of our annual reporting system, all parents are invited to attend an interview with the class teacher and their child during Terms 1 and 3.

P&C Association

The Glenmore Road Public School Parents & Citizens Association meets on the first Wednesday of each month during the school year. Meetings commence at 7:00pm in the staffroom. All members of our school community are encouraged to attend these meetings. The P&C discusses fundraising activities, issues of concern, the school uniform shop, school projects and parental feedback.


Recognition Day

Recognition Day is held in December. Prizes and presentations are awarded to all students on this day. This day will be advertised in the School Newsletter.


School Captains

Each year a Leadership Team is elected by the students. The Leadership Team consists of 2 captains, 2 vice captains and 4 prefects. These boys and girls represent the school on formal occasions.

School Council

The School Council, consists of parents, staff and a community members. The council is a body that supports the School Principal, meeting at least once a term to formulate school policies and to discuss the budget. Annual elections are held every year for parent and staff representatives.

School Development Day

The first day of Terms 1, 2 and 3 are the Staff Development Days and there are no classes. The teachers undertake professional development in an area related to our school targets for that school year. The last two days of the school year are also Staff Development Days. Students do not attend on these days.

School Photographs

School photographs are arranged each year and families are given the opportunity to purchase these if they so wish. This is a commercial company and the school makes no profit. Contact the company for all feedback.


A basic level of religious education, called Special Religious Education (SRE) is provided in all NSW public schools. Authorised representatives of approved religious groups are invited to the school to teach students. Currently there are more than 90 religious groups that have approval. Glenmore Road Public School is currently able to offer SRE classes in Buddhist (Years 3-6 only), Catholic, Anglican, Jewish and Primary Ethics (Years 2-6).

Representatives of each category teach students of the same denomination. The content is authorised by the religious groups. SRE is seen as an integral part of school activities, taking place in school hours and under the jurisdiction of the school. It is organised for fixed times by negotiation and agreement between the school principal and the local clergy.

The lessons or period length for SRE should be consistent with the age and attention span of the students and the content and method of presentation. Thirty minutes a week is allocated at this school for SRE.

Parents/caregivers are asked to advise the school of their child's religious denomination at enrolment. SRE is not compulsory and a child may be withdrawn from SRE classes at any time by notifying the principal. Students not attending SRE will be appropriately cared for at school. This may include private study, but not timetabled lessons or scheduled school activities.

For further information, please click here.

Sport and PE

Students participate in physical education and sport every week. We have an extensive sport program at school catering for the needs of all our students. We offer a variety of different sports in which all students may participate. The K-2 students learn skills in sports such as basketball, AFL, soccer and gymnastics.

The Year 3-6 students have the opportunity to compete against other schools in an inter-school sport competition known as Primary School Sports Association (PSSA). These team games vary from summer to winter and include rugby league, rugby union, netball, soccer and touch football. Training sessions for these sports are held before school or during the lunch hour. In summer, sport is on Friday mornings and in the winter it is on Friday afternoons.

We also offer non-competitive sporting options for children that are not participating in PSSA competitions. Please see the sports selection policy for more information.

Student Property

All articles, especially lunch-boxes, drink bottles, jumpers, hats and parkers should be clearly and permanently marked. Treasured and valuable toys, jewellery and books should be left at home. They are easily damaged or lost. No responsibility can be taken for loss of or damage to these items if they are brought to school. Make sure your child’s schoolbag is easily recognisable, and encourage him/her to leave it in its correct place. Every effort is made to return any ‘lost’ property to its owner.

Student Reports

Written student reports are sent home at the end of Terms 2 and 4. These reports provide an indication of student achievement as assessed by the classroom and support teachers. Twice a year we have three-way interviews as part of our reporting to parents.

Student Representative Council

Each class elects two representatives as delegates on the SRC. The SRC regularly meet with a member of staff to raise issues of concern and to plan student-initiated activities. The students ensure issues raised by their classmates are discussed and improvements are made to the school where practical and possible.

Support for Learning Difficulties

We organise support for students who have learning difficulties in a variety of ways depending on the nature and severity of the difficulty. The NSW Department of Education offers a number of services and special placements for students who are experiencing learning problems. Parent volunteers also help with extra one-to-one tuition for students experiencing learning difficulties.



Tours of the school are held periodically during the year for any interested parents.  Official Orientations for Kindergarten take place in Term 4 prior to the year of commencement.  Refer to Kindergarten Orientation Program.



The school uniform should be worn each school day unless a specific notice is sent home about a special arrangement for a particular day. The uniform is sold at the P&C run uniform shop, open from 8.45-9.45am on Wednesday mornings during term time. Uniforms can also be ordered online via the school website. Uniforms are also sold on Orientation Days for new Kindergarten students. Second hand uniforms are also available for sale. Footwear should be black and suitable for safe work and play at school.

Non-uniform (Mufti) Days - these are held throughout the year, often in association with minor fundraising activities, particularly for charities. Information about these days is provided when known. Closed toed shoes must be worn at mufti days.

Dangerous items such as pocket knives must not be bought to school.


Vacation Care

The Cottage provides vacation care. Applications are taken 2-4 weeks before each school vacation. Students currently enrolled at Glenmore Road Public School have first preference for places. Enquiries can be made to the coordinator on 9361 3362.

Voluntary School Contribution

A voluntary school contribution is set each year by the P&C with these funds helping to meet some of the costs of resources and materials used by children each year. Whilst these fees are voluntary, they are certainly beneficial to the school. The contribution can be made in full or by instalments as suits families needs.


Copyrights © 2018 Glenmore Road PS . All Rights Reserved
Copyrights © 2018 Glenmore Road PS . All Rights Reserved
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